kickers lovebox facebook Win a trip to Lovebox Weekender by sharing your festival photos with Kickers UKIf you’ve ever been to a festival, chances are you’ve come back with some pretty “interesting” photos. Which you have then “shared” on Facebook and “tagged” with the names of your pals.

(I’m using quotation marks here because we all know, deep inside, that photographing your friend tripping his nuts off up a tree, and then publicising the incident on a huge online social network, is essentially a very, very wrong thing to do.)

Well this summer Kickers are giving you the chance to use your embarrassing photos for good, kind of – they’re asking you to upload your best festival photos to their Facebook page, with the winner receiving a free trip to Lovebox Weekender, which takes place on 18th & 19th July, for them and five friends. Five runners up will win a pair of Kickers footwear.

So logic would suggest that if you went to a festival and took some great group shots, ask your buddies to submit snaps as well and you immediately boost your chances of winning by ICan’tWorkOutHowMuch percent. Be quick, mind you – the contest ends on July 12th.

Honestly though, the chances of you beating that shot of my friend hallucinating on a branch are pretty slim.

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