WeWood JupiterMy review of the WeWood Date watch is the post that consistently drives the most traffic to this here domain. Didn’t plan it that way, but there we are. The WeWood folk got in touch recently to ask me to try out another model. This is a quick look at it; for a more in-depth look at WeWood, check out my earlier review.

This time I tried the WeWood Jupiter. It’s a dual dial affair with a more modern feel than the Date. It’s probably the WeWood that would appeal to the kind of folk who like things like Tokyoflash watches, although the Jupiter does have the slight advantage of actually allowing you to tell the time without making your brain jump through hoops.

The Jupiter flaunts the WeWood brand a little more than my other watch. It’s in a nice subtle way though, with the brand name below the face and a little ‘WW’ logo above it.

Over to my official photographer now, who I shall be firing imminently.

WeWood Jupiter watch

WeWood Jupiter Watch

The face is large. It’s a bit like having a particularly satisfying chunk of Yorkie on your wrist. I have to stress though, that WeWood watches really are made from wood, and are therefore inedible.

I got the brown one, but it also comes in black, beige and ‘army’ (i.e., kind of khaki). I thought about going for the beige one, because I like how understated it looks. But then I remembered how white my skin is, and I figured I might not be able to see it against my wrist. In my opinion the brown recalls the classiness of a nice leather watch strap.

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At the time of writing I’ve worn the Jupiter for about a week now. If compliments were ironing boards, I reckon I’d have a good 7 or 8 ironing boards by now (the dream).

As before, I needed to have a couple of links removed, and as before I elected to get someone else to take care of that rather than get involved myself. Should you want to give it a go, however, there are videos online to give you a hand.

Not much more I can say really – it’s a lovely ‘piece’, and it allows you to tell the time in two timezones, should you be the kind of sod who is important enough to require such a function. Hopefully it’ll hold up as long as my other one has.

WeWood official UK retailer

WeWood UK Facebook page

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