When I was a child I used to sing along to records of Disney movie soundtracks. I remember when George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” was deemed too risqué for radio. How times done changed, my kittens, how times done changed.

These days YouTube is littered with videos of little kids being filmed singing and dancing along to songs with delightfully inappropriate lyrics. You’ll see them singing along to Akon and Fergie, wondering if the parents – who are nearly always behind the camera egging them on – will next enter them into one of those icky child beauty pageants.

You just know somewhere there’s a blog or a forum of paedos sharing this stuff with “like-minded” souls, too. So let’s join them! Here are five cute/disturbing/funny/miserable clips of children singing Flo Rida’s “Low”, the poignant tale of a lady – in possession of a big booty, of course – being plyed with alcohol, drugs and stacks of dollar bills by Mr Rida one evening in a local nitespot.

Take it away, kids! 🙁

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