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Once upon a timepiece, this blog was just about festivals. Heady days they were, with month after month of writing about events to which I wasn’t invited gradually leading me to a severe, excrement-flinging depressive episode.

I jest, of course. Kind of. The fact is, it’s all very well setting up a blog about festivals, but if no fucker’s inviting you to them it ends up being a) expensive, b) dull and c) (see points a & b). No funzies. Ergo dipsum velorum, this particular site broadened its scope to music in general (and jigsaws).

Fortunately there are people out there willing to make a decent fist of covering festivals, and they are less likely to crumble like a Custard Cream when faced with putting in a bit of effort. So if you’re looking for a site of such a nature, ’tis my pleasure to point you the way of This Festival Feeling.

Starting out as a digital magazine, the site has recently expanded to cover the blogging side of things as well. They actually, like, go to festivals, these people. Look, they actually did a proper review of Glastonbury. And Sonar. And Isle Of Wight. And, um, Cornbury?

Also on the site you’ll find handy guides to getting into festivals for free, the best dance festivals on this here planet and, if you’re a Pepsi Max sort of “dude”, the best festivals to be found in The Alps.

I mean, I suppose if you’re after more than text message reviews, it might be worth a look. God you people are demanding.

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