This is thevideo for The Cribs’ new single, “Cheat On Me”. I’ve literally only heard this song twice at the time of writing, but I loves it, I do.

Or at least, I loves the second half of it. The first half I spent thinking “hmm, this isn’t as good as the stuff from the last album, which I enjoyed enormously and made me feel reasonably cool when I dropped it into conversation with people much younger than I.”

But stick around – once the neck vein-bursting “cheeeat on me” bit makes an appearance it all becomes much more engaging.

That bloke from The Smiths is in the video too, because he’s part of The Cribs now. His presence may distract you from the presence of a modern trouser-related phenomenon known as “parsnip-leggedness”, which can be spotted on other members of the band.

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