WeWoodWhen I was umming over whether to indulge in my purchase of a WeWood watch (which I spotted at jorgandolif.com, via Katie Lee’s Tumblr) I was frustrated that there weren’t many reviews online that went beyond press release levels of detail. So I thought I’d “fill” that “niche” in case anyone else goes a-searchin’.

I don’t like status symbolic, wrist-obscuring watches whose faces are bigger than my own actual face. The main reason for this is that I’m the owner of puny girl wrists, and I don’t really need them to look any punier or girlier.

However, I have been looking for a new watch that possesses a modicum* of funkiness for a while.

(*”Modicum” in this context: enough funk for it to look “a bit different”; not so much that you need to apply a new set of mental processes to read the time.)

When I encountered WeWood watches – elegant unisex timepieces crafted from actual wooden wood – I had to immediately weigh up the pros and cons of shelling out for a piece of bark to wear on my wrist.


1. Lovely
2. Different
3. Face not bigger than my actual face
4. “Environmentally friendly”, in that they’re made from reclaimed floorboards and the company supposedly (I mean, definitely) plants a new tree for each watch sold


1. Likelihood that there’s probably a rather good reason watches haven’t been manufactured from wood for the last forever
2. Actually, con no.1 is probably worth 2 points
3. Wackiness factor; if I met someone wearing a wood watch I would almost definitely sneer inwardly, if not outwardly. Unsure whether sneer would come from a place of jealousy or from the place that sees me grimace at females who struggle around with impractically large handbags
4. Increased risk of wrist fire

In the end, pros 1 & 2 predictably held out over flimmy flammy practical concerns.

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