In July the London Bloggers Meetup was sponsored by Dell, who ran a competition to win a shiny new Dell XPS 15z notebook.

Reader, I won it. I won it good.

The brief was:

Tell us in a witty, creative, or imaginative way how a new Dell XPS 15z laptop will help you be successful in your quest for blogging greatness.

As someone who has been trying to attain blogging greatness for quite some time now, I was in no doubt that a rap was the only way to approach this contest. Here is my entry.

I was totally surprised and delighted to emerge victorious, but then I thought about it for a bit and realised that while I was still totally delighted, I was actually only moderately surprised after all. I mean, come on.

So, what of the machine itself?

Well, the Dell XPS 15z is quick! It is quick like the wings of a hummingbird! (Especially if you use Google Chrome.) The screen resolution and video playback are splendid, and at last – oh, at last – I find myself watching streaming video without lagging. I knew it could be like this, I just knew it – looks like all I needed was an Intel i5 processor. Doy!

It is robustly constructed and encased in aluminium, and it’s so thin it makes a Ryvita look fat (kind of). I like to stroke its lid.

I will say that the USB ports are too close together, meaning bulky USB periphs can’t fit at the same time – but I have one of those adaptor extension things anyway, so it’s not the biggest of biggies. The sound could be beefier, but again I use a wireless speaker thing anyway so it’s not the end of the world.

Overall I am very happy with my prize. Only a loon wouldn’t be. Did I mention it didn’t cost me anything except the use of my fevered imagination?

Thanks a milli to London Bloggers Meetup and Dell, obviously.