in the city 2009 Sentric Music seeks prospective <em>Hollyoaks</em> soundtrack acts to play In The City

For unsigned artists keen to have their music featured on the tellybox – whether it be TV shows or adverts – and thereby gain entrance to this site’s hallowed Where Have I Heard That Song Before? category, Sentric Music have been useful people to hook up with for a while now.

Why, they’ve secured spots on Lexus TV ads, episodes of Hollyoaks and – the Sincerity Rock holy grail – One Tree Hill for all manner of bands you haven’t quite heard of yet.

They also ensure acts get the money they’re due from gigs and radio play by taking care of Performing Rights Society-related bureaucracy for all their artists.

This year Sentric Music are hosting their own showcase at the UK’s leading music “convention”, In The City. They’re looking for one more band to join the four they’ve already scheduled, with the winning act getting to play in front of all manner of industry bigwigs looking for the freshest blood to drink sign up. The other acts on the bill are The Federals, Gallops, Jamie Ley and Dirty Goods.

If you want to enter you’ll need to do the following…

Sign up with Sentric Music. It’s a non-exclusive agreement which leaves you free to pursue other dirty money-making schemes while allowing the magical Sentric people to see what dosh they can purloin for you in the meantime.

– Then just email with your artist name, MySpace link and a blurb saying why you want to play In The City in 140 characters or less. That’s so Sentric Music can show everyone how clever you are by tweeting your entry to their 2000+ followers

Entries need to be in by October 5th, with the winner due to be announced on October 7th.

Good luck – I hope to hear your dubstep opus featured on Grey’s Anatomy Skins real soon.

Buy In The City wristbands here

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