How to send articles from your Android phone to your Kindle

Send to Kindle AndroidThis is just a quick follow-up to my post about sending articles from to your Kindle. While I’d sussed out how to do this with just one click from my laptop, I hadn’t found a reliable way to do so from my Android phone. Or at least not a way that didn’t require lots of annoying tapping around to get it done.

What I wanted was a way to use the ‘Share via’ function in the Android browser, and have ‘Send to Kindle’ be one of the options presented (alongside the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, etc).

After trying a couple of apps that didn’t consistently do the trick (nor offer much guidance on how to fix the glitches), and plus not really wanting to have the Amazon Kindle app taking up space on my phone, I tried the Push to Kindle app by

Hey presto! It works really well and I found the instructions on how to set it up straightforward, which means it’s worth paying the £1.50 they charge. And even better, it uses Readability‘s early open source code – which means the article that reaches your Kindle is all cleaned-up and easy to read.

The developers even made a little video to show you how to use it:

(Tip: In the ‘Send from’ section of the set-up screen I just used my personal email address, because I’ve already set that up to be one of the email addresses from which my Kindle will accept articles.)

Download Push to Kindle from Google Play

By the way, if you’re looking for good longform stuff to send to your Kindle, some other sources I’ve been using recently in addition to are:

And a few recent favourite articles I’ve encountered:


  1. Keyvan

    Hi Stuart, I’m glad you found our Push to Kindle app useful.

    One small correction though: we do not use’s service, so no account is required to use Push to Kindle. We do make use of early Readability code, which was open source and used by many other companies, including Apple in its Safari browser.

    Thanks, Keyvan from

  2. Stuart

    Thanks Kevyan – I’ve corrected the sentence in question.

  3. Katie

    Thanks for all the link action – I need more stuff to read.
    I use Instapaper, which has lots of good suggestions for things to read (and you can follow your friends too). The annoying thing for me is that I’ve got a Kobo so I can’t just push it to Kobo automatically – I have to use Calibre and faff about.

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