ronika Ronikas Radio Love Love shows I do look at my SoundCloud DropBox now and againWhat a moment. What a MOMENT! This post is about Ronika, who I had never heard of until about twenty-five minutes ago when I remembered I have a SoundCloud Dropbox (that orange thing in the sidebar labelled “SoundCloud DropBox”) and decided to have a rummage.

Ronika, you are the first artist to feature on this site as a result of my DropBox.

I think. My memory’s not all that. And it did take me about a month to get round to listening to it.

“Radio Love Love” is an irrepressibly jaunty soul-pop occasion which should obviously have a video paying “homage” to the Olden Days of Motown and all that. Instead, with budgetary restraints to consider, the video is… Well, I’ll let the description that caught my eye in SoundCloud inform you:

stop-frame animation music video in the style of button moon but with biscuits for the main characters.

Love the matter of factness of that description. I’m also quite fond of this snippet from Ronika’s MySpace, which departs from snoozesome earnestness to grand effect in describing her debut album All That We Know thuswise:

A complete DIY album, Ronika produced wrote mixed and played all the instruments herself cos she is a loser with no friends.


She also writes a right load of obscure nonsense on her MySpace blog, which is significantly better than posts of the “45 DATE NORTH AMERICAN TOUR” variety one tends to expect from musicians. This post appears to be about Mick Hucknall, for instance.

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