Rare yet quite exciting career update

me_karaoke_smallA little update on where I am and am not “at” these days.

Along with several other folk, I was laid off by Shiny Media. Boo hoo, etc. We managed to come to an agreement regarding My Chemical Toilet, and I now run it independently. It’s much prettier nowadays (if more irregularly updated) and that’s all thanks to my friend Ben from PowerOn Communications, whose services I would heartily recommend.

More pressingly, from next week I’ll be working as “Web Editor / Social Media Manager” at Lucky Voice, the karaoke folk. The prevailing reaction on informing people of this seems to be one of laughter, so I’ll pause here to allow you to do that.

Obviously I’m very excited by this development – it allows me to combine my passions of music and web geekery, and it’s a brand (sorry) most people seem to be quite affectionate towards. I’ll be editing the company blog, which you can find here, and I imagine I’ll be looking after all the other social media gubbins as well.

I’ll be spreading word of (warning: autoplay video) Lucky Voice Home – which allows you to stream karaoke tracks and video through your computer – while also alerting folk to the fact that you can get your hands on some rather pretty accessories to improve the experience, too.

If you follow me on Twitter at @mychemtoilet I hope you’ll do likewise at @luckyvoice, because I intend to make it a fun and amusing feed to follow. And if you’re reading this and think there’s a way we can work together, feel free to drop me a line.

So there we are; despite asterisking out “S*cial M*dia” on my LinkedIn profile, it’s now my job title. I should probably get used to “affectionate” insults, huh?


  1. Kat Hannaford

    Congratulations Stu, so pleased for you. Think it’ll be a really good fit for both the company and you – who would’ve guessed of all those years of you resisting karaoke whilst at Shiny, you would end up there! Love it, very proud.

    I just wish you’d been at Lucky Voice a few years ago when I did ‘Epic’ by Faith No More. It was, erm, epic…

  2. Neal Hallac

    Waterman….you Jackass!

  3. Lesley

    Obviously the good looks come from your mother’s side of the family!!

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