Credit to P-Money – “Everything” (featuring someone called Vince Harder) is going to find it difficult to be anything other than massive in the UK this summer. It’s irresistible electro-funk-house which I heard for the first time on Zane Lowe the other night and loved immediately.

But it did make me wonder where the heckfire Chromeo are at the moment, because surely they should be tearing up the charts – albeit with slightly fewer housey vibes – with this kind of stuff by now?

Anyway, P-Money is a New Zealandish chap who seems genuinely, touchingly excited by the prospect of soundtracking our summer. And why shouldn’t he? It’s quite an honour. I suppose it’s just nice to catch an artist at that point before they blow up completely and become a tad blasé about the whole success thing.

You can tell the video was shot a while back, mind you – that iPod’s not even a touchscreen! LOLZ!

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