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  1. Stuart

    I’m guessing this was intended for my post about my trip to St Petersburg! You’re never going to win me round to St P, but thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

  2. JohnP

    This looks very good. But how do I give longform my Kindle address? I’ve looked all over the site but can find nowhere to enter it.

  3. Stuart

    Hi JohnP – you don’t need to give Longform your email address, but you do need to give it to Readability. You need to sign up for a Readability account at, then go to Kindle Settings in your Readability account, where you’ll see a place to add your Kindle email address.

    Once you’ve done that, you need to change a setting in your Kindle so that it will ‘accept’ articles from Readability. To do this, go to your Amazon account > Manage Your Kindle > Manage Your Devices > Personal Document Settings.

    Under the Personal Document Email Settings, you’ll need to add as a new email address so that your Kindle accepts content.

    Hope that helps!

  4. gumball

    i want to cancel my contract but i got thru once and had the phone put down on me straight away so now ive phoned again and have been in the queue for 21 mins so far

  5. Katie

    Thanks for all the link action – I need more stuff to read.
    I use Instapaper, which has lots of good suggestions for things to read (and you can follow your friends too). The annoying thing for me is that I’ve got a Kobo so I can’t just push it to Kobo automatically – I have to use Calibre and faff about.

  6. Lua

    Don’t purchase a flimsy we-wood! They are a complete rip-off and not eco friendly. Most of the information on their website is a bunch of bologna. I purchased mine directly from the we-wood us website, based out of Los Angeles. I received my watch broken – very disappointed. And to make matters worse, It had “made in china” stickers plastered on on the box and wrist band. Keep this in mind: We-wood doesn’t do refunds, but exchanges only! They claim to plant a tree, every time a we-wood is purchased, yeah right? Thanks for the review Waterman!

  7. DP

    If you want a quality/durable/and much better looking wood watch you should purchase and review MICA they were around before wewood jumped on the idea and started a big phony parade of being a green conscious brand.

  8. WeWood UK

    @Reuben Canada – This is not true generally a watch is replaced or repaired the only reason would be if you have no proof of purchase.

    @Lua – WeWood is ECO friendly, all the materials used to make the watches are reclaimed, yes some are made in China and the wood used is recycled. A tree is planted for every watch sold.

    I do not know what the WeWood US policy is but WeWood UK do refunds and exchanges.

  9. SDW

    Pls grade all the articles so I can work out which to read. Thanks x

  10. Susi

    I AM USING IT!!!

  11. samuel

    wewood watches are a ripoff. mine broke after 7 weeks. Im sure MICA watches are durable and save you all the ecofriendly BS.

  12. Kate

    Most of the articles I’ve read this year came via the links on your blog; I’ve really enjoyed all of them, so far – so, thanks for sharing, Stu… and keep ’em coming!

    Merry Christmas & a Happy 2013! πŸ™‚

  13. Chris from Newfoundland

    Mine just broke after owning it for only seven days. I took it off and the bits that holds the strap to the case just cracked right off. We Wood should consider reinforcing that area with metal.

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to see what their warranty service is like now. I’ll report back.

  14. Peter

    I wanted to sincerely thank you for this list and to let you know I’ve literally downloaded half of these articles to read!

  15. deadpopstar

    I have the same model reviewed here, mine had no “made in China” (I believe THOSE are knockoffs, idk; WeWood knockoffs DO exist) & have 100% LOVED this watch for 5, going on 6 months. Then last night, not “rough-housing,” rather simply fishing for something in my jean pocket: that CLASP came undone & feel about a FOOT onto my kitchen tile. It is now broken, as in stopped working.

    I am PRAYING that maybe just the battery got knocked loose, but cannot get inside the damn thing, due to how difficult they have made that. I stumbled here searching to find a way to get that back off, without a special watch repairer’s tool & now fear it perhaps may be actually broken. I ADORED this watch & am not even a “watch person,” now I am enraged. ALSO to be noted: One of the wooden links BROKE too! That I can deal with, as I can loose another link & still fit me perfect.

    But remember, this was ALL because of that CLASP & me reaching in my jean pocket, with a FOOT (Foot, 4-5 inches MOST..) drop. I have been endorsing this watch, but now it has all changed. Beware: If you have money to throw around, buy one & it may/may not break. If you are like me & $100 is a lot to spend on what is virtually a neat looking Accessory to me (my cell is how i keep time, like most); think about my story & these other people’s. (also keep in mind, some MAY be knockoffs; mine is DEF NOT.)


    ps- If ANYONE out there knows a DIY (do it yourself) way or ANY way, to get the back off WeWood watches (they Twist, not “pop,” off; unlike most all metal/other watches), I’d be BEYOND Grateful for any help!! Email:

  16. DP

    We-Wood do not use reclaimed wood, it’s all sandalwood the Chinese import from AUS. Greenwashers suck!!!! lies lies lies!

  17. Kitty

    I rang the number on the wewood website on Christmas Eve to find out where my order was as it hadn’t turned up. The guy I spoke to was really, really rude and clearly didn’t want to talk to me, despite me being gutted that what was obviously a present, ordered well within the given times, hadn’t turned up. He essentially told me to go away. I’m pretty disgusted, tbh.

  18. kyle

    Crap!!! I have seen nothing but issues with these guys. I guess thats what you get for ripping off the Original wood watch company Tense wooden watches Tense has been making wood watches since 1971 and along with the whole eco thing they also believe in producing the product themselves. I guess they figure quality and handbuilt craftmanship means something not to mention they likely don’t feel to good about using sweat shops. This is what really gets me about these apparent eco companies they use it for nothing less then a market tool, sure great you recycled something I guess this makes it ok to use slave labour. Tense really don’t seem to intrested in making big claims on the eco thing or anything like this but rather just utalize these resources becuase it something they feel is right or they beleive in. Good on them for not trying to whore out on the whole eco thing, besides the craftmanship and quality of the tense watches is amazing. If you want a nice unique watch that happens to be wood and is going to stand up buy the tense watches, you won’t be disappointed.

  19. Joe

    I got my wood watch a couple months ago and it’s pretty cool. It’s not a wewood but something similar (if not the same) from Recently on a trip to China, I found out that’s where wood watches come from like everything else. In fact, I didn’t even know about most brands like Seed, Silvano, Mica, and Wewood until I saw them for sale at a Chinese factory. I don’t blame them for buying from China, but I wonder if wewood knows Chinese have little concern for the environment and that’s part of the reason they are saving money by buying from there. Also, are they saying they collect and ship recycled or otherwise wasted wood to China? OK, but I can see their watches are made from the same wood as their competitors who claim to get their wood from trees all over the world.

  20. Colton

    What do you think of this wood watch?

  21. Stuart

    I like it! Quite tempted…

  22. Molly

    Have you seen It’s where I find a lot of my favorite nonfiction reads. Thank you so much for this list!

  23. Stuart

    Hi Molly – yes, The Feature is a really good resource as well, thanks. Good call! Glad you like the list.

  24. jo mitchell

    hi,, sorry to dissapoint you,, but quiddy and henry were father and son,, my great great grandad,, and my great great great grandad!!!

  25. martin

    WeWood may or may not be a cool company but their retail prices are pretty ridiculous considering the quality of the watches. My manufacturer in China make the same models as WeWood so I know what you get for your money. sell bamboo watches at a slightly more “honest” price if I may say so myself.

  26. db

    Really funny (and informative!) review – laughed out loud multiple times. Nice work!

  27. Rick

    Hi –

    I know for a fact the Wewood lie about the wood they use; it is not as per the company explanation, they say they from Italy but the watches are completely Chinese. I have investigated and investigated but yet to find ONE picture of a tree per watch that they claim.

    My watch broke within days and they don’t replace.

    Wewood are international con-artists and their watches are complete rubbish and rip-offs.

    Another company acting like they ‘do good’ when I can only imagine the damage they have done to source their watch and producers…

  28. Kate

    Stuart … are you trying to tell us that you want to quit your job?

    I enjoyed the post, very much – more, please.

    PS: Thanks to you, I am now hopelessly hooked on Longform. I haven’t read a book in months. You will no doubt be hearing from Amazon’s/Waterstone’s lawyers shortly.

  29. Stuart

    Thanks Kate!

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the longform thing – poor old Amastones πŸ™ You should join Non-Fiction Addiction if you’re not totally averse to Google+ – lots of great links shared every week. Link at the top right of this page!

  30. Dianne Elizabeth

    Glad I found this page. I always try to research a product throughly before purchasing, especially when it’s a gift for my boyfriend. I am going to purchase Mica-I think their designs are classy and look more authentic. My boyfriend loves working with wood-he built all the furniture for his home and office. Very talented dude! I’m sure he’ll be inspecting the watch with a fine tooth comb. I’m always looking for unique gifts for him and the watch will be an Anniversary gift. I hope I can get it engraved! Thanks for the reviews-very informative and witty!

  31. Damien

    Sorry rick I’m goin to have to stop you there… I’ve wore mine everyday for 2 years and still holding strong. The only prob I can see from this watch is a tricky one. No jeweller will actually have the opening tool to change the battery but myself being a tradesman improvised using a compass from my sons school bag… Simples,,, can all be seen on YouTube

  32. Anna

    I came across WeWood’s site and immediately thought what a great Christmas gift this would make for my boyfriend. The site looked professional and the product and company looked promising. I received my watch tonight and first impression? Disappointed. “Made in China” stickers on the box and watch. Quality was questionable. I had to laugh when I read this review because it’s exactly what happened to me with trying to open clasp. Still going to give it as a gift but worried :-(. I hope it doesn’t break as I don’t want to pay any more shipping/taxes on replacement that sounds hard enough to get them to send!!!

  33. Regina Durbin

    Love the poem! Just what I was looking for to include with some socks that are gifts! Love it!

  34. sean

    Terrible watch.
    I have a WeWood watch. I got it as a gift. The minute hand fell off after four days. let me say that again: the minute hand fell off after four days. I contacted WeWood and they will not repair it.
    To be fair, the watch was a gift and so I don’t have the receipt, but any Sherlock could deduce the watch is brand new since it has no scratches or marks of any kind.

    Terrible watch.

  35. Gene Sparkman

    I received my WeWood watch as a Fathers’ day present. It broke on October 24, only 4 months old. The wood split on the watch case where the pins hold the band to the case.

  36. Suvonoge

    Its pretty obvious that this company is using the standard Japanese movement/Chinese construction found in a number of affordable (aka cheap) watches, so although they look funky and cool and I would give the design factor a high rating, I just can’t bring myself to spend this kind of money for a WeWood when I can buy a watch with a much better movement and a case of equally attractive design, albeit manufactured of a less funky material. While I appreciate design, this is essentially a mass produced junk movement being re-branded in an attractive machined wood casing.

  37. Ryan

    I just got one from my fiancΓ© for my birthday. Looks great on. I think these watches are made for wearing once in awhile or in safer conditions. I have watches for many types of occasions. Iiving in Canada I will probably keep it as a summer watch and never wear it for any type of athletic activities.

  38. Sydney Finch

    I bought myself a wewood watch in Australia and thought it fantastic. Loved it so much…until day 10 when the glass face fell out. Luckily the customer service over here was fantastic (I read a lot of contrasting reviews online which got me pretty nervous when it came to me requesting an exchange). When my new watch turned up I was so happy to have it back on my wrist..unfortunately two weeks later I just noticed a massive crack across the glass face. I didn’t notice knocking the watch, obviously it must have hit against something but it definitely wasn’t anything obvious enough to even grasp my attention. I love this watch but have to admit the quality is pretty unimpressive. Such a shame.

  39. Tim

    Excellent comparison review. Helped me decide on purchasing the secrid slim wallet.

  40. Shing

    I just stumbled across your article after doing some googling and it really made me laugh!

    It’s a shame I missed out on Europe’s grimmest street market. Looks like the ideal place to buy some truly authentic souvenirs.

    I’m sorry to read you didn’t get into the Nabokov Museum, now is probably not the right time to say that I manage to get in, eh? πŸ™‚

    However, the same thing happened to me when I caught the hour-long bus ride to Catherine’s Palace to see the Amber Room only to be told it was closed for VIP guests. (Frigging VIPs…. grrrrr).


    I LOVE LOVE LOVED your review, this is the hardest I’ve laughed in ages. Thank you so much for posting this. I defo am not buying one of these now. I would be devastated to receive such a fishy clasp and I hope not to cause offence but the watch displayed in the review is a little sissy and I would not like to see that on a mans wrist at all. I do like the assunt all black and gold I think it’s called WeWood Limited Edition Kappa Black Gold, however. I was about to hit the buy now when I found your review and as I said I am very pleased now as I do have too many watches and only want something that is perfect from every angle and clasp included.

  42. Thorsten

    Of course now, over a year later, would be an ideal time to take a look at durability again…. Maybe?

  43. Stuart

    Still going!

  44. Dimi

    Nice review man!
    Thank you for the durability post πŸ™‚

  45. Chong

    How’s the durability of the card release mechanism and the wallet itself generally after 2 years now – has the seams fall off or anything broke? Would appreciate a response on this thanks!

  46. Stuart

    Mechanism is fine – the glue holding the note section is starting to give a little. Apart from that, it’s still going strong.

  47. Yvette

    This review was one of the most entertaining reviews I’ve ever read. Your humour laced throughout had me in stitches… I think that Secrid should offer you a promotional code as I’m sure your review has contributed to more sales for them.
    Right … I’m off to press ‘Buy now’ thanks to you.

  48. Suzanna Kertesz

    Just read an old article from your ” my chemical toilet ” , I’m from down under ( no pun intended) , thought it was really funny .

  49. Asghar

    This has got to be one of the best posts I’ve ever read, very entertaining 😊

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