This site’s esteemed illustrator, Mr Phil Martin, has been touting Mayer Hawthorne for many months now. While I thought “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out”, the first track to emerge from his forthcoming album A Strange Arrangement, had pleasingly meaty, vintage soul-inspired production, the track didn’t do a whole lot for me.

I think the video adds a certain something though, partly due to the shock that the guy producing the sounds – and apparently he’s a one-man operation – is a geeky white guy. A geeky white guy you’re going to be hearing a lot about in the next month or so.

Mewonders whether a certain Mr West pilfered that heart-badge motif, too…

Here he is performing a recent rendition of the delicious “Maybe So, Maybe No”:

My personal favourite track from the album, though, is “One Track Mind”. Dismissed by The Guardian (in an otherwise glowing write-up) as “a Motown rewrite”, I find it hard to counter that accusation – so instead I’ll just say that if any genre is worth rewriting, it’s that one.

Getting it right, however, is a whole other matter. “One Track Mind” gets it spot-on, I think, and leaves me wanting more every time I hear it due to the fact that it’s only two minutes long.


Is that not one of the most perfect pop songs you’ve heard this year? If you’re not sold, try listening to it through headphones.

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