daggering lazytown1 Major Lazer want you to fracture your genitals

I meant to write a thing about “daggering” a while back, but then I got a text or something. For the uninitiated, daggering is a style of dancing which involves fully-clothed people getting as close to having sex as possible. Often violent, genital-slamming sex. I’m not exaggerating – people have snapped their cocks. It looks like tremendous fun, if that’s your cup of fuck.

Anyway, Major Lazer – a collaboration between Diplo and Switch – have incorporated daggering into their new video “Pon De Floor”, alongside art direction that appears to take inspiration from Teletubbies or Lazytown.

There’s something wrongly, fascinatingly hilarious about the whole affair, and you may come away wondering whether the director (Eric Wareheim of the very amusing Tim & Eric) breakfasted on a big vat of Viagra-laced cupcake frosting and crayons.

Make sure you stick around until the gymnastic, flying, testicle-crushing daggering that occurs towards the piece’s end.

Major Lazer “Pon De Floor” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

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