Do you miss Popworld? I do. It was a chucklesome nuggetoid of TV pop silliness with the ability to bring on the hungover gigglies, and it hasn’t really been replaced.

On television, anyway. But that doesn’t matter because only your gran watches TV nowadays, and even then it’s just when Antiques Ladder is on. For amusant pop-related funtimes these days one looks to the web, and once there one finds things like Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV.

Taking the Popworld template of asking stupid questions to pop stars, Pocket TV is helmed by Holy Moly Amstell-lite talking person Matt Edmondson, and a jolly good job he does posing questions to people like The Enemy such as: “Have you ever fingered a kebab?”

It’s called Pocket TV because we’re all supposed to be watching video on our telephones these days, but you’re also allowed to watch it on your common-or-garden “home computing machine” as well. You should give it a go – you might see Lethal Bizzle shooting clay pigeons, N-Dubz being face invaded or, as below, dreadful “normal lad” dullards The Enemy pretending to be halfway interesting.

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