DISHERMEN! Fishy fitties from Hastings have us angling for their winkles!

Thank rod for Dishermen!Brrr! It’s cold out there! If you’re anything like the team here at Stuart Waterman Towers, nothing warms your winter-ravaged heart like a collection of cuties oozing hot warm hunkiness into your eyes. In which case – stay reading, because have we got a treat for you!

You might think man-foxes only started to exist when R-Gos strutted out of his mum’s womb, but listen up, girls. It turns out swoonsome chaps have been out there tickling loins for at least seventy years!

Take this collection of black and white beef on show during our recent trip to Hastings Fisherman’s Museum. These dishermen were breaking shells – and hearts –  before you’d even sipped your first babyccino!

Ready to climb onboard our totty trawler?

Fisherman Bumstead

Consider us hooked by Fisherman Bumstead’s line! The over-the-head tunic affair really works for Bumstead – and get a load of the gleam in those peepers. We think he just spotted us giving him the eye across the starboard! Oh buoy!

George ‘Nuckum’ Haste – ‘Father of the Old Town’

With George rampaging around the place, how could Hastings resist? No wonder he fathered a whole town! The prominent jawline is offset nicely by his jaunty headgear, suggesting the kind of playful, rough-hewn ruthlessness that makes us flop about on our bellies like freshly-caught mackerel. And how does he intend to use that chain? By George!

Henry Mitchell

Another zipless over-garment for us to wrestle with! But do we start there, or by running our fingers over the rocky crevices than run across his kindly face? We’d gladly accept Mr Mitchell’s proposal – if only because it would mean one heck of a Hen-ry night!

Richard Mann

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any smoother, debonair Richard emerges from the shadows, puffing away like it ain’t no fin. We like to think that when this shot was taken Richie was staring out to sea composing a shanty just for us. Not that he’d need to use such tactics to snare us – just use the net, Richard, and don’t throw us back! Mann-O-Mann!

‘Quiddy’ Mitchell – ‘One of the Old Brigade’

Is Quiddy Henry Mitchell’s brother? Now that’s a pair of Mitchell brothers we wouldn’t kick out of the cabin! He might be part of the Old Brigade, but Quiddy looks pretty money to us; and that neckerchief/cardigan combo makes us feel like we’re being reeled in – and we can’t wait for him to devour us! We ain’t Quiddin’!

Unknown hotty

Ahoy there, does your guy rope need a tug? We couldn’t find a name for this sweetie, but we don’t reckon we’d get much talking done in his presence anyway. That thousand-yard stare is pure lady bait – and we’re bitin’, chum!

Biddy Stonham – Champion Tub Man of Europe

We’re not sure how Biddy became Champion Tub Man of Europe, but we’re willing to find out – and we’ll bring the candles and champagne! The headwear and earrings are perfect complements to Biddy’s proud sweater, and something tells us we could make waves together! Hubba Tubba!

‘Never Ill’ Old Salts Man (click pic for maximum dreaminess)

Never ill old salts

If you’re anything like us, you had a serious groin storm for Captain Birdseye when you were a toddler – and uh-oh, here it comes again! With Never Ill guy you know your night of pleasure-sailing will never be interrupted by “billiousness, constipation, disordered stomach” or indeed any other ailment – wish we could say the same for 21st century guys, right?! Our hearts are a-flounder!

Next week: COAL BLIMEY! We’d love to go down these miners’ shafts!


  1. Caroline brown

    I just spent 3 days in St Petersburg and 2 in Moscow. I also visited The Museum of Political History! It was fascinating and amazing. rRussian body language Is different, but I felt the staff were pleased you had come to their museum. Losing your baggage on day one is upsetting but don’t blame the destination. Stuart , I am sorry you had a bad time, but I did not. Russians are different, but thank god for that. Americans are different to English but we don ‘t generally moan about it. Russia is different, and interesting. Why go abroad if you expect home culture?
    Russians don’t smile a lot. Apparently, they consider “smilers” to be a bit simple. American’s smile all t he time. I guess we Brits are in the middle. St pertersburg is an amazing city. Visit. But don’t expect Disneyland or London town. It’s russia!

  2. Stuart

    I’m guessing this was intended for my post about my trip to St Petersburg! You’re never going to win me round to St P, but thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. jo mitchell

    hi,, sorry to dissapoint you,, but quiddy and henry were father and son,, my great great grandad,, and my great great great grandad!!!

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