After the initial giddy rush of realisation that Chromeo are finally back – and the “of course!” headslap when you realise they’ve jacked Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger” – does “Night By Night” live up to the anticipation?

The verses are very similar to “Rage”, and you’d have to say it’s not a huge departure from their previous stuff. But, you know, not enough people heard their previous stuff – so if they’re after proper, people-actually-buying-your-records success, “Night By Night” is a promising indication that the new album is going to be chock-full of the tunes, electro funk and hard-done-by-love lyrics a lot of folk have come to obsess over.

Can’t help wishing they’d made it for summer, though (or at least that period where the British summer is supposed to take place).

And is “Night By Night” as good as P-Money’s “Everything”? Hmm…

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