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Bravo Adult Swim Daily News Blog competition ran a competition in early 2007 to write an entry for their delightfully silly Adult Swim news blog. First prize was a trip to New York City, so I entered. I didn’t win, but many folk on the forum thought I should have (I think I should have as well).

Anyway, I won a box full of tat from the Bravo offices, and I’m sure you’ll agree that, in a way, a “Bendy Bully” Bullseye figure is better than a trip to the best city in the world.

I can’t link to the article, but I reproduce it over the page for your reading pleasure. Continue reading

Crumbs For Men

I wrote music reviews for a few months for a men’s lifestyle site called Crumbs For Men. Sadly I can’t link directly to the articles because of the way the site is designed. But if you click here; then click on “Music”; then click on “Archive”; then scroll down carefully using your arrow key; and then whisper my name three times into a mirror, you’ll be able to read what I wrote. They were the bits marked:

Mika – “Life In Cartoon Motion”

De La Soul

The Shins

Kaiser Chiefs

Arctic Monkeys

Fall Out Boy

LCD Soundsystem

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