Bobby Brown appeared on VH1’s Behind The Music last week. If you’re looking for a detailed breakdown of his and Whitney’s daily drug intake you’ll be disappointed, but it does have its highlights.

I think mine is when Bobby says that at the peak of his fame he would find himself on a tour bus, see someone driving a car he liked the look of, follow said vehicle, then purchase it from the driver on the spot with cash. And then discard the car when he had to leave town for the next leg of the tour.

Bobby Brown apparently left cars everywhere, so if you picked up a mysteriously abandoned Porsche around 1989, and there was a crack pipe in the glove compartment, that’s why it was just left outside that strip club.

Watch the full Behind The Music here – but before you go let’s remember this classic clip from Bobby’s appearance on ITV’s 24 Hours With Bobby Brown a couple of years back. Let this be a reminder, should you need one, not to pinch Bobby Brown’s bottom if you’re a bloke.

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