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Smell test video

I agreed to take part in a smell test for Kiss and Makeup, in competition with my esteemed colleague Dan from Tech Digest. Who knew you could get glue-scented perfume?

My Chemical Toilet TV: Will the Nokia N82 make it easier to find your tent at a festival?

My Chemical Toilet TV: MCT chats to Gary Numan at The Mighty Boosh Festival

I sent one of My Chemical Toilet’s intrepid scribes, Clare, to The Mighty Boosh Festival, where she rather impressively managed to collar Gary Numan for a chat. Here is that chat (the sound’s not that great, but whaddayagonnado?).

More MCT video at the My Chemical Toilet YouTube page

My Chemical Toilet TV: The Rockabye Baby Lullaby Challenge

How do you stop women fighting in the workplace? HERE’S HOW:

My Chemical Toilet / Ann Summers festival competition

We were approached by none other than the folk at Ann Summers to do a festival tent giveaway. How could we say no?

Men's makeup. My face. A video camera.

men_make_up.jpgA true high point in my career. In the interests of research (or “hit grabbing”), I was filmed having Jean-Paul Gaultier men’s makeup applied. See both parts of this thrilling makeover here. It ends with eyeliner.

My Chemical Toilet TV: Great White's Twice Shy album cover dissected for signs of sexism and/or racism

My Chemical Toilet TV continues to go from strength to strength.

My Chemical Toilet TV: Warlock's Triumph And Agony CD cover gender politics

It was only a matter of time before MCT went video. Maybe we should have waited until we had something worth reviewing, though.

What Would Your Money Say About You?

My friend Clive and I made this short video for a competition that was running on The theme was what your money would say about you, if it could talk. Or edit video. We didn’t win, but we reckon it’s only because by the time we entered the other videos had started racking up the public votes. Having seen what won, I’m pretty sure it should have been us…

My Modelling Debut

I’m the tall one with the drill. This was not an uncomfortable experience at all.

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