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Justin Lee Collins? Bob Geldof?! Brandish's Top 5 Unlikely Male Style Icons

“Round these parts we know who looks good and who doesn’t, but who are the more unlikely chaps working individualistic looks that we admire?”

Brandish gallery: David Beckham, Mark Ronson and George Clooney show you how to wear a white shirt with style

“From Becks using it to highlight his tattoos to Mark Ronson employing it as part of his whole 60s retro vibe, here’s Brandish’s look at the best white shirt-wearers out there.”

Learn how to tie your shoelaces all over again – 34 times

“If this stuff floats your boat remember never to get arrested, because they take your laces off you if you go into custody. I’ve heard.”

The Hype Machine T-shirts


“Are music website t-shirts the new band t-shirts?”

Body Shop For Men Face Scrub: the best a man can get?


I don’t suppose it gets much more m*tros*xual than writing about your favourite facial scrub, does it?

Sugarkane asymmetrical glasses will fit your wonky face nicely


“They say facial beauty is all about symmetry, don’t they? In which case, these asymmetrical specs will be perfect for the remaining, ugly 95% of the population.”

When We Were Casuals – for all your Fila, Reebok and, um, deerstalker needs

Hooligan? Well just because you’re breaking skulls it doesn’t mean you have to dress badly. This website will provide you the requisite terrace-approved brands.

Puma Endangered Species Collection trainers


“I’m not sure wearing these means you’re likely to save any soon-to-be-extinct fwuffy animals, but at least you can show people that you think damn hard about such matters as you pick out expensive footwear.”

The Heineken DraughtKeg – chilled draught beer anytime, anywhere

OK, so they’re a bit small to allow you to host a “Kegger” – but it’s still a keg. With beer inside. It.

Uniqlo menswear sale – gibberish t-shirts a go-go

“I’ve always looked at Uniqlo as a poor man’s Gap – but in a good way, because I’m a pretty poor man myself.”

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