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X Factor / Pot Noodle competition promotional posts

I worked with Pot Noodle’s PR agency to promote this competition on our sites. It offered winners tickets to the X Factor tour, and also one winner the chance to have lunch with an X Factor contestant. I published the competition post on Available For Panto, and also promoted the competition on My Chemical Toilet and TV Scoop.

Big Brother Quote of the Week: Week 5

“Ziggy’s little episode after the nominations were announced provided one of those scenarios that is funny precisely because the people involved are so serious.”

Big Brother Quote Of The Week: Week 4

pantomast.gifThis was the week Brian asked “Who’s Shakespeare?”, so you can guess what was number one on the list.

Big Brother Quote Of The Week: Week 3

One thing Big Brother is rarely short of is good quote material, thank God.

Shit Lookalikes: Seany and Wicket The Ewok

I wonder if they have cheeky nu-rave pranksters on Endor.

Big Brother Week 3 Liveblog

Well if you’re going to watch it you might as well write down the snarky comments that run through your head.

Liveblog Part 1

Liveblog Part 2

Big Brother Quote of the Week: Week 2

“The bickering has been so petty that often, mid-bicker, I forget why the bicker began. And fear it will never end.”

Narinder from Big Brother 2 available for BBC Breakfast, tabloids, Big Brother's Little Brother…

The whole Big Brother racism thing was good news for some people with books to promote…

Panto reports on Emily Parr's removal from Big Brother

Not what Channel 4 needed, really. Still, it got people talking…

Big Brother Quote of the Week: Week 1

“Leslie’s attempts at dry humour have gone over (or just straight through the middle of) the heads of the majority of the housemates.”

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