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Popjustice single review: Remi Nicole – "Go Mr Sunshine"

The Greatest Pop Music Website In The World“The problem is that despite the lyrical positivity of the song – girls in bikinis, blokes with their tops off, light evenings, etc – Remi sounds like she is in a bit of a strop.”

Popjustice single review: Candie Payne – "One More Chance"

“The chorus is so pleasingly lovelorn you almost believe poor Candy is in actual emotional pain, so that’s nice.”

Popjustice single review: Yves La Rock – "Rise Up"

“The rhyming scheme is very much of the ‘pie / high / sky’ variety, but this isn’t the ruddy Eisteddfod so let’s all move along.”

Popjustice single review: Robin Thicke – "Lost Without You"

“If you’re planning to seduce someone who wears a mobile phone around their neck, this creepy little tune should do the trick nicely.”

Popjustice single review: Dead Disco – “You’re Out”

“‘You’re Out’ begins with a guitar that will fool senile old codgers into thinking rubbish cartoon ‘Henry’s Cat’ has infected their ears.”

Popjustice album review: Amerie – Because I Love It

“For yes, the dreaded schmaltz arrives late on to leave the album approximately one third less good than it should have been. How annoying.”

Popjustice album review: Siobhan Donaghy – Ghosts

“This is an album of grown-up pop music with none of the dull bits such a label implies.”

Popjustice album review: Shiny Toy Guns – We Are Pilots

“There is enough goodness here for, at a conservative estimate, TEN NUMBER ONE SINGLES.”

Popjustice album review: Mika – Life In Cartoon Motion

pjlogo.gif“It mixes very pop, occasionally bouncy tunes with lyrics informing you that people and life are basically quite shit sometimes.”

Popjustice single review: Cherish – "Unappreciated"

“Cherish are out prove that they are definitely the new Destiny’s Child, or at least a version with four Kelly Rowlands and no Beyonces.”

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